Class 1 & 2 Progress Reel at Animation Mentor

Here is my Class 1 & 2 Progress Reel finally up on youtube!  I'm already on week 2 of Class 3 and the intense syllabus means it won't be long before I get to add my Class 3 stuff to my progress reel! :)

Oh and Happy New Year everyone, here's to a new term!

Animation Mentor

For those wondering, that is all 10 of my fabulous followers, my blog posting was pretty vacant this summer because I went back to school! I applied for Animation Mentor in May and started in the summer term, so I've been animating my summer days away!
The course has been incredibly overwhelming but going back to the basics and getting some solid training in character animation was really what I needed.  The syllabus for this term is really quite different to what I had to do in the first one so I'm hoping to start blogging my work from the course plus I've just started back at a regular life drawing class again, so hopefully there will be some regularity in my posting again! ^_^