Zoo Sketches

It is so outrageously sunny in Scotland just now.  I had the computer running at half ten this morning and I was preparing for a day of animation but then I decided that I needed to get out, so I drove up to the zoo and had a fun drawing day.  Spent most of my time in the outdoor enclosures, of course.  It was so nice to be drawing out in the sun! :)

Zoo Sketches and a Pumpkin!

So I may have skived life drawing this week but it's the first one I've missed this term in order to get some more animation done, I did however manage to squeeze a wee drawing day at the zoo.  It was the only day I could go and is probably the last chance I'll get to go until next year.  I also carved a pumpkin for Halloween this year :)

Animal Drawings & Easter Fun

I've been a bit Easter-daft this year.  The first day that I decide to visit the new lambs of this lambing season, I actually happened to walk in on a ewe going into labour!  It was the grossest and most wonderful thing I've ever seen!  I've been checking in on the lambs so often that the keeper jokingly said that I'm trying to steal them >.>




I also made these paper carrots that are filled with mini chocolate eggs.  They were for children at a community crafting class that my sister volunteers for.

Here are the lambs that were born on the 5th of April 2012.  The unfortunate thing was that this ewe gave birth to three lambs but the first one was breached and was just simply too weak to survive.
Here are the same lambs a few days later.  Both mother and lambs are very healthy!