Zoo drawing day

The cute penguins did not make up for the freezing weather! Face and fingers were frozen but I finally had a chance to go to the zoo and it seemed like a good idea at the time >.>

Also, I've had an instragram for a while now, it's mostly instagramey-type pictures of food and bits and bobs but I think I might try to take more snapshots of my sketchbook on it.  Follow me if you like! http://instagram.com/szekeiho/

Zoo Sketches

It is so outrageously sunny in Scotland just now.  I had the computer running at half ten this morning and I was preparing for a day of animation but then I decided that I needed to get out, so I drove up to the zoo and had a fun drawing day.  Spent most of my time in the outdoor enclosures, of course.  It was so nice to be drawing out in the sun! :)