Went on holiday last week to fabulous New York City.  I was in full-on tourist mode and did all the big main sites! I'm still very much exhausted and slightly jet-lagged but of course I took a sketchbook with me and doodled whenever I could.  I never bothered to take any water-colours with me because my shoulder bag was already so heavy with travel junk so my sketches are definitely lacking some colour and the one main advantage to drawing in cold weather are the several pockets in your jacket you can use to hold drawing tools, so summer in New York meant no jacket so an A5 sketchbook in one hand, a brush pen and graphite stick in the other, a heavy bag on my shoulder and a big SLR camera around my neck :3
View from a window at the MOMA, you weren't even allowed to draw with pens at this museum and most of these places were incredibly overcrowded but I managed to find this sweet spot at the MOMA to draw this view because this window hid behind a wall where most people thought the exhibition ended not realizing that there was another display behind it! :)
Rodin's Adam at the Metropolitan Art Museum
I bought these brush pens in Kinokuniya, a big Japanese book/stationary by Bryant park and they're meant for Japanese/Chinese calligraphy.  I'd tried different ones before but this shop had 'testers' of all their different pens, which was how I found this one and I think I've finally found a brush pen that I love and love drawing with! I've tried every available brush pen at my local art shops but all their nibs crap-out on me after not much use.  I wish I bought more from the shop in New York so hopefully I'll be able to get them online.
Leopards at the American Natural History Museum.  Great displays of wild animals that you would rarely get to see, at least not still and in a great pose! :)
Spider Monkey at the American Natural History Museum.
View from a window on the fourth floor at the American Natural History Museum.
People sitting outside Macy's.  Didn't do too much drawing of people but this was me experimenting with drawing figures with that brush pen really.
Spent our last day at Central Park.  It was a perfect day for it and I were so tired from the week that it meant after a little exploring around the park, I could just sit for a couple hours and draw.  Real bummed that I didn't have water-colours with me though! 
Highlights for me was definitely walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, we walked across from Brooklyn to Manhattan, just as the sun was disappearing, it was really a magical way to view the Manhattan skyline and then watching Polina Semionova dance with the American Ballet Theatre and the Metropolitan Opera House was a dream come true.

Last Life Drawing of the term!

Finally found some time to record the last couple weeks of life drawing, so prepare for a big sketch dump! :)

A2, Charcoal, 40 mins

A2, Sharpie, Quick drawing - 2 minutes

A2, Charcoal, Quick Drawing - 1 minute

A2, Sharpie, Quick drawing - 2 minutes

A2, Charcoal, 10 minutes

A2, Charcoal, 10 minutes

A2, Charcoal, 40 minutes

A2, Charcoal, Warm-up sketch - 3 minutes

A2, Charcoal, Warm-up sketch - 3 minutes

Life Drawing and another Christmas Card

Here's last weeks life drawing, the focus was on tone.  I still feel very out-of-focus with my life drawing drawing skills, I was kind of hoping I would get back into the swing of things by now but maybe I need to switch things up a bit and look at some new techniques that I've never tried before.  I'm finding life drawing really frustrating >.<

Charcoal, A2, 10 mins-ish

Charcoal, A2, 30 mins-ish

Also here is another Doctor Hoo Christmas Card. Available on my Etsy!

Last weeks Life Drawing

A2, gouache and ink, 1 hr

A2, charcoal, warm-up sketch

The last official Life Drawing of the term.  I'll hopefully find the odd class here and there over summer but there won't be any blocks of classes till schools start back in Autumn :(
I've learned loads this term but I've noticed that having spent the last 8 weeks on long poses focusing on colour, all of my short sketches have gone down the pooper!
Can't wait to spend an entire class just drawing with charcoal again but I have really enjoyed painting and getting messy!

Life Drawing

A3, charcoal, warm-up sketch, 2-3mins-ish

This weeks life model was a female body builder! I never managed to finish my colour piece, although I am getting the hang of using gouache.  Hopefully, we'll get this model again and I'll focus on getting some solid drawings rather than worrying about the colour assignments, she gave some great short poses.

Life Drawing

A2, gouache and ink, 1 1/2 hrs

This weeks colour piece was not as disastrous as last weeks but I still felt incredibly out of my comfort zone.  It took a while to build up all the colours on this piece because I didn't have the courage to paint opaquely like you can with gouache, instead I built up layers of washed out colour.

Warm up sketches, 2-3 mins, Charcoal

Life Drawing in Colour

A2, Gouache/charcoal/pastel/chalk, 30 mins

I have never drawn anything like this before.  Everyone in the class had to first under paint their paper and the draw on top of it once it was dry.  It was a really bizarre process of drawing by instinct and balancing the colour, and putting the mark-making first rather than the 'correct' line and observation.  I'm definitely learning lots in this class!

Life Drawing

20 minutes, A2, charcoal and pastel
My first life drawing with colour class! The teacher is easing us into using colour - I even panicked a tiny bit when I first started to lay down a little of that orange/brown colour.  I do try to work with colour OUTSIDE of life drawing but I don't think I've ever used it like this with charcoal.  Fun times ahead!