The Woman

The idea behind this was to take what I had learned in my recent 'life drawing in colour' classes and put it into some fun/fan art.  I've cropped out half of this drawing though because the proportions of the legs are hella wrong!  I will most definitely try to paint this again and try to come up with a better composition.

Last weeks Life Drawing

A2, gouache and ink, 1 hr

A2, charcoal, warm-up sketch

The last official Life Drawing of the term.  I'll hopefully find the odd class here and there over summer but there won't be any blocks of classes till schools start back in Autumn :(
I've learned loads this term but I've noticed that having spent the last 8 weeks on long poses focusing on colour, all of my short sketches have gone down the pooper!
Can't wait to spend an entire class just drawing with charcoal again but I have really enjoyed painting and getting messy!